Creativity and Innovation have a powerful presence at Hawken School. In our creative process intensive class, we intentionally design experiences that empower students to improve, change, and grow the world around them. Our course model emphasizes:

Sharing and Collaboration-We care about culture, equity, and teamwork. We constantly look for ways to elevate others and build upon shared ideas.

Experiential Learning-We solve real world problems by connecting with experts and sharing our work outside of the classroom.

Environment-We look for opportunities to make our work more efficient, effective, and beautiful. We seek meaning, joy, and passion in all of our endeavors.

Discovery and Curiosity-We feel empowered to make decisions, ask questions, and take responsibility for our own learning.

Core Beliefs

Character and Growth
We believe that participating in creativity contributes to the ongoing development of character. Through the creative process, students gain a new understanding of the world, themselves and others.
Creative Capacity
We believe that all students and teachers are rich in creative potential and are capable of contributing to the ongoing development and exploration of ideas in the classroom and in the world.

Ideas are Collaborative
We embrace a participatory model of creativity and recognize that ideas are strengthened when people with different skills and experiences come together to work towards a common purpose.

Creative Process Learning Model

Build the CONTAINER: Define the tools and structures that guide student thinking

Engage in the EXPEDITION: Pursue purpose, motivation and meaning in the real world

Reflect through TRANSFERENCE: Synthesize, share the experience and tell the story of how the pieces fit together

Ideas are strengthened when you share them with others.

Conditions create opportunity or resistance.

Skills and knowledge impact the evolution of creative work.

Research, curiosity and learning stimulate creative thinking.

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